I just wanted to let you know how beautiful your cake was. My daughter couldn’t believe how perfectly you matched the flowers. And her mother-in-law couldn’t believe they were not real!

Thanks again for helping to make the wedding extra special.

Sincerely yours,
Marilyn Danesh







Thank-you! For a most extraordinary cake!
Every day since the wedding at least one person remembers it with ecstatic sighs!
Lucky me! Lucky bride!

Goldie Lamont







Thank you, Thank you. The wedding cake was spectacular. It was exactly how I dreamed it would be!

Thank you for your incredible art work and professionalism. I will not hesitate to recommend you to friends and family. 

Thank you again for making it happen.

Meg Lattanzio







How will I ever thank you enough for sharing with me, Michael and our friends and families your most special talent embodied in the sweetest of delights? 

I enjoyed getting to know you and appreciate all the time, effort and patience you have so kindly shared with me. I will forever remember you, Ursula!

Hwa Park







18 November 1999
Our gorgeous cake was a big hit at L’Espalier. Everyone wanted to touch it. The cake really was stunning and perfect for our needs – it was just how I had imagined it. Thank you again for making our dinner special.

Rebecca Tyler







27 October 1998
Thank you so much for the amazing wedding cake! I hope you got some pictures for your “portfolio” so others can see what an unusual cake you made. It was delicious as well which isn’t too common in wedding cakes. We were thrilled with it and loved the feedback from the guests.. Thanks again!








08 July 1999
Here is the long-awaited photo! It’s been almost one year since the wedding and people are still remarking about the cake. Joe DiCicco (from Gourmet Caterers) asked for an 8” x 11” which he posted in the office for future brides. Hopefully, some business will come your way.








What a special, beautiful, and delicious cake you made us! It made a huge splash at the reception and was much more delicious than I expected.

Best wishes,







21 July 1998
Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job on our wedding cake. It looked beautiful and, from what I hear, tasted fantastic! (Unfortunately, we were too busy to eat any ourselves.)
It was a pleasure working with you. Thanks again for adding so much to our big day!

Nicole & Jeff







02 June 1998
We thank you for all your efforts in making our wedding dinner party such a grand success. From accepting us as clients to working with Maison Robert, you have made what could be a stressful process thoroughly enjoyable! The cake was the talk of the evening and without your exquisite flowers, it would have gone unnoticed. Thank you again! We hope to enjoy more of your cakes for years to come.

Yours sincerely,
Ryan and Martina Cheung







Lisa and I would like to extend our most sincere thanks for the brilliant job that you did with our wedding cake!! People are still talking about it … as they should!
Our deepest thanks.

Jerry & Lisa







06 July 1998
I just wanted you to know how special the wedding cake was at our wedding May 23, 1998. No one believed the flowers were made of icing! You did such an amazing job. Enclosed is a picture of the cake. I will cherish memories of it forever.

Lee Mumford







07 January  2000
Thank you so much for your delicious Petits Fours. They looked and tasted wonderful and were the perfect ending to our meal. Everyone loved them and they disappeared fairly rapidly! Mary-Anne wanted me to save some for her to taste but I am afraid there were none left, I think that is testimony enough to your success! 
Thank you once again, it was a pleasure interacting with you and I look forward to being a future customer.

Best wishes,
Alison Kulkarni







The “cake” was delicious although I hardly ate anything that nite trying to be a good hostess running around etc. I made it a point of having a mouthful of the chocolate and one of the lemon cakes. Superb. Thank you again for your help. Merry Christmas.

Maria Stata
P.S. The Greek pastry was enjoyed and I took some home also.







You created the most stunning and delicious wedding cake ever for my wedding last year: October 3rd at the DeCordova Museum (pumpkin and polka dots). We’re coming up on our 1st Anniversary! Has the year gone by so fast?!? Is it just me? Anyways, my “Part @ (1 year later) of photos, thank-yous, scrap books, etc. brings me to thank you, very very much. Hands down the cake was one of the highlights ~ according to many you are very talented, creative, attentive. Thank you for helping me/us set up that special day in such a perfect way. You are God sent; a very professional cake artist!
So take a look at some photos! Enjoy! & pat yourself on the back! Thank you!!

Lee McCormick & Cody Utzman
P.S. Do you know “MacKenzie-Childs” Company out of NY? We showed Victoria MacKenzie Childs a photo of the cake and she was amazed!







29 July 2000
We wanted to thank you for all of your help in preparation of our wedding day. Everything went so well and the cake was an artistic masterpiece, beautifully decorated and unbelievably delicious! We brought back cake to the doctors in Dallas that helped keep Tony alive and their first comment on Tony’s last checkup was “Where in the world did you ever get that wedding cake. It was the best cake we have ever had and have never tasted anything like it before in our lives!” Those comments were not only from the doctors, but also from our guests!
In spite of all of the difficulties that we had all along the way, our wedding day was just spectacular with no flaws whatsoever! Everything went perfect! Again, thank you so much for helping to make our wedding a special day for us!

Suzanne & Tony Goodman







Ken and I wanted to express to you how much we loved our wedding cake. It was absolutely beautiful! Everyone at the wedding commented on how stunning the cake was and how good it tasted. Your cake was exactly what we had wished for. Thank you!

Erin Postl







11 August 1999
Your cake was incredible! Thank you so much for allowing me to use the gift certificate that I won for our rehearsal dinner on May 28, 1999. Everyone loved not only its beauty but its deliciousness.

Compliments are still being paid for your splendid work of art. Thank you so much for everything. I truly enjoyed meeting with you. Thank you for sharing your talent with me and my family.

Thanks and best wishes,
Nancy Kelley







02 September 2000
Thanks from my heart for the incredible first anniversary cake for Marilyn and Sam. You are such a special lady and a talented artist.

With admiration and appreciation.

Linda, Marilyn and Sam







23 March 2000
The cake was delicious and the talk of the party. The wait-staff of the Wyndham were quite impressed and I wouldn’t be surprised if you receive referrals from them for other receptions.
I’m looking forward to the photos and my daughter is still talking about the planning and meeting she had with you.

Again, Thanks
Pat O’Reilly







Thank you so much for creating the wedding cake of our dreams. It was so beautiful and delicious too. We haven’t stopped getting compliments on it. Thank you also for taking the time to work around our crazy schedules. We truly appreciated your patience.

Rebecca and Jordan







The cake you made for Nicholas’ christening was a big hit. Everyone loved it. It was the best tasting cake we ever had. I’ll send you a picture when I get them from the photographer. Thanks again for everything.

Demitra Stasinos