April 2000


Ursula Argyropoulos
Chef/Owner, Ursula Art of the Cake

Training/Education: Apprenticeship with uncle, Konditormeister in Germany; stage, Le Toit dePassy, Paris; International School of Confectionery Arts; Cocoa Barry School.

Style: From understated elegance to whimsical, but always highly personalized.

Sources of Inspiration: Unusual flowers and flower arrangements (“I love to introduce cultural elements into floral arrangements”), fabrics, paintings, architecture, china and pottery.

mask-covered mini wedding cake

Most Requested Flavor: Chocolate

Most Requested Visual Style: Whimsical, non-traditional, highly individualized.

Preferred Media: Gum paste and fondant.

Preferred Type of Cake: “I like unusual flavors and combinations, and I’m often trying to ‘push the envelope’ with clients by including something unexpected in their selection of samples, such as the recipe seen here, or I might pair Australian ginger with Poire William.”

Most Unusual Client Request: A cake with a fountain in the middle, which was to be wheeled into the ballroom at the last moment. “I talked the bride out of it.”

Profile: produce 1 to 5 cakes per weekend; 2 to 3 employees peak season; 1 off-season. Transport cakes by van.